Marne Brune Nebbiolo D`alba

Marne Brune Nebbiolo D`alba 8c7e137fbc9567d5.jpg

  • Burgundy wine glass



Region Piemonte, Nebbiolo d´Alba
Producer Fontanafredda
grapes Nebbiolo
Style Nuanced-mature
Taste Dry, distinctive, nut
Aroma Flowery, forest berries
Alcohol content 13.5°
Size 1.5l Bottle
Quantity in the package 6 x 1,5L
Product code 8000174373001
Serve with
  • Grilled food

  • Mutton and lamb

  • Casseroles

Serve at 16 C - 18 C

40,00 € / Bottle

21,99 €/L