Canti Catarratto Chardonnay

Canti Catarratto Chardonnay 5926561c39dfa919.jpg

  • Bordeaux wine goblet



Region Sitsiilia
Producer Gruppo Fartelli Martini Secondo
grapes Chardonnay, Catarratto
Style Light- fruity
Taste Semi-dry, succulent, fruity, plum, peach, apricot
Aroma Soft, citrus, drupes
Alcohol content 12°
Size 0.75l Bottle
Quantity in the package 6 x 0,75L
Product code 8005415044207
Serve with
  • Pizza

  • Chicken and turkey

Serve at 10 C - 12 C

5,80 € / Bottle

7,73 €/L